ERP KKE Manage Overview Enterprise Resource Planning


KKE Manage is a professional state of the art Internet , Intranet based ERP software platform with unique mix of all the business processes.



comprehensive solution

Manage your complete business using one software reducing data redundancy due to use of multiple software. KKE Manage covers your complete business with all your business processes like, accounts, billing, inventory, manufacturing, human resource, maintenance, etc.



multiple locations

Manage your business at multiple locations with the same ease as you would do at a single location. KKE Manage can be hosted on Internet and can be access at any location in the world. So what if you have business across the borders, KKE Manage adapts with ease.





KKE Manage is hosted on an internet or intranet server; it does not have any minimum hardware configuration for your clients. Any computer which can run a web browser can be used.



user interface

Web browsers are undoubtedly the most familiar software to people. The complete software is intutive and easy to use, thus reducing the training time and cost.




The software by design has security inbuilt, like IP restrictions, Time Restrictions, Location access,etc. Additonally to make it extra secure, it can be hosted on SSL secured server to eliminate any data pilferage in the network.