KKE Manage

KKE Manage , a ERP software which can fit into any size of an organisation. It based on PHP and MySQL technology.


The basic framework of the software is on the basis on ISO 9001 and its is easier to implement if the organisation is ISO 9001 certified and its easier to get ISO 9001 certification if KKE Manage ERP is implemented.




KKE Manage Services

Take advantage of KKE Manage partner network to help you integrate your KKE Manage to your exact business process requirements.


KKE Manage software can be customised as per your organisational requirements and KKE Manage team helps you in the same to implement the ERP in shortest possible time and in most effective manner for yoru organisation.



Transform your business

With KKE Manage, you can monitor all your business processes , workflow at a single place.


Use the data, transform your business into award winning business Style.



Industry Spectrum

KKE Manage is a platform which have multiple applications across various Industries :

  • Automobile Manufacturing
  • Automobile Ancilliary
  • Line Production
  • Job Type Manufacturing
  • Hotels
  • Warehousing
  • Retail
  • Marketing
  • Document Control
  • CRM



KKE Manage Updates