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"I expect I shan't be allowed to talk at all."

"Well, she's in trouble now," said Dorothy, with a sigh. "I think you are very much mistaken in her, Janet; she's a very original, clever, amusing girl. I find her tiresome at times, and I admit that she's dreadfully naughty, but it's the sort of naughtiness which comes from simply not knowing. The accident last night might have been a dreadful one, and Bridget certainly deserves the punishment she has got; all the same;—I'm very sorry for her.""He'll be sorry he sent me; he'll be sorry he listened to Aunt Kathleen," she said to herself.

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"Oh, good gra——! I mean, mercy Moses!"

"Did you speak?" asked Miss May in her coldest tones."I think I understand you, Dorothy," said Mrs. Freeman. "Kiss me!"

"Hark! Stop talking!" said Mrs. Freeman.

rummy game earn money"Don't say 'good gracious,' Bridget; it's a very ugly way of expressing yourself. You have learnt something, haven't you?"

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The smaller girls chatted volubly about the matter, and little Violet Temple, aged ten, and of course one of the small girls, so far forgot herself as to run up to[Pg 3] Dorothy Collingwood, clasp her hand affectionately round the tall girl's arm, and whisper in her impetuous, eager way: