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2022-08-24 Author: Poly News
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The girls entered the wide, long dining hall and immediately took their places at the table.

"Can't you, Bridget? I'm afraid I must make you understand that the fact of Evelyn being uninjured does not alter your conduct."Rummy Gold

"Then go and ask, darling. Find Mrs. Freeman, and ask her; it's so easily done.""Are you there, Janet?" said Mrs. Freeman. "Go into the house, and ask Miss Patience to follow me down the road. And see that someone goes for Dr. Hart. Alice, you can come back with me. The rest of the little girls are to go into the playroom, and to stay there until I come to them.""I don't think I ought to listen to you, Bridget."

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"Well, if I must go, and if you really wish it. Come with me to my room, Dorothy. O Dolly, if you would sleep with me to-night!""What poor dear young lady?"

"Lost whom?" answered Janet in her tart voice.

Rummy GoldJanet and Olive Moore were returning slowly to the house after a vigorous game of tennis. They stopped to look down at the group who surrounded Dorothy.

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Dorothy went into her own little cubicle, drew her white dimity walls tight, and, standing before the window, looked out at the summer landscape.